2018 Annual TRWD Report

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Our Annual TRWD Report is now available at http://www.trwd.com/report/. #TRWD411


Daily Report for 01/18/2018

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The Wetlands – Wildlife and Reuse

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On a typical morning as you’re brushing your teeth, you may notice how much water is used to perform this one mundane, yet necessary, task. Now think about the more than 2 million people in TRWD’s service area using this same water for brushing their teeth, washing their clothes and dishes, and countless other water-dependent […]

How was TRWD founded?

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Two significant events led to the creation of the Tarrant Regional Water District.

On April 22, 1922, torrential rains in Fort Worth dumped 11 inches of water in two days. Seventeen breaches in Trinity River levees resulted in a massive flood killing at least 10 people and causing more than $1 million in damages. Calls […]

We want to hear from YOU

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A public meeting will be held from 6-8pm Monday, September 11, to discuss the development of the Richland-Chambers Watershed Protection Plan at the Ennis Chamber of Commerce (108 Chamber of Commerce Dr, Ennis, Texas 75120).
The agenda will include discussions of project and water quality goals, data availability, updates on nutrient load estimates and economic analysis, and a […]

Daily Report for 07/15/2017

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Daily Report for 07/13/2017

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An ode to drinking water

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As we continue celebrating this year’s Drinking Water Week, we ask ourselves, “Just how much of it is there to go around?”

To put it into perspective, the world currently contains up to 1,660,000 cubic miles of consumable water. If you’re having a hard time envisioning how much that […]

Unofficial TRWD Board of Directors Results, per Tarrant County Elections:

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Unofficial TRWD Board of Directors Results, per Tarrant County Elections:

  • Leah King 18,958 *
  • James Hill 15,482 *
  • Jack Stevens 14,846 *
  • Mary Kelleher 9,608
  • Andra Beatty 7,514

*Seats are at-large and awarded to top three candidates receiving the most votes.

Daily Report for 04/30/2017

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