Become a Steward of Your Community

Volunteering in your community to protect its natural resources is what stewardship is all about. TRWD is committed to fostering the relationship between the communities that surround its waterways and river. We encourage you to explore all the ways you can give back to your community by participating in the programs below.

Nature Inspired. Community Required.

TRWD Trash Bash


Adopt a Drain

TRWD Trash Bash

Trash Bash is TRWD’s commitment to fostering litter prevention within the communities we serve by providing various opportunities to volunteer in organized cleanups of our waterways.

TRWD hosts organized cleanups in the Spring and Fall every year! Join our mailing list and follow Trash Bash on Facebook and Instagram to be in the know. Together TRWD and the communities we serve can make a difference and protect our waterways for years to come. Our organized cleanups and after-parties are fun for everyone.

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Do you love the Trinity River and local waterways as much as we do? Then this is your opportunity to take control of your favorite trail section by becoming an Adopt-A-Trail member. Visit trwdadoptatrail.com to submit your application and start making a difference.

Being a member of our Adopt-A-Trail program allows various local groups to come together at their own pace with the goal of keeping our waterways clean and beautiful for everyone to enjoy. Join us to support these vital resources in our communities for years to come!

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Adopt A Drain

Making a pledge to protect the river is one of the easiest ways to support clean waterways within your community. By adopting a drain your pledge is a reminder to all who see it that you care about what ends up in our river.

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