George W. Shannon Wetlands

There’s No Wi-Fi, but You’ll Find a Great Connection With Mother Nature

The George W. Shannon Wetlands are home to the Texas Parks and Wildlife’s Richland Creek Wildlife Management Area (WMA.) Hunters travel from all over the region to experience some of the best duck hunting in the state.

Bird watchers flock from far and wide to see migrating and wintering waterfowl, wading and shore birds. While the bird counts vary throughout the year, it has been reported that they have soared as high as 30,000. Richland-Chambers boasts 240 identified species.

Explore the Wetlands

Educators and professional groups are encouraged to schedule a group tour for any/all grade levels. TRWD and TPWD staff collaborate to provide a thorough tour covering water quality, wetland ecology, and wildlife diversity. For school tours, call TRWD at 903-389-3928.

Texas Parks & Wildlife Department land use rules apply. All visitors, unless on a group tour or under age 17, must have a Limited Public Use Permit or an Annual Public Hunting permit, which can be obtained through the TPWD website.

For information about hunting, fishing and birdwatching, visit the link below.

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Rules of the Wetlands

Rules are established and enforced by Texas Parks & Wildlife.

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Innovative Water Reuse

TRWD’s George W. Shannon Wetlands Water Reuse Project is another way the district is extending its current resources to meet a rapidly growing population. A joint effort with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, this 2,200-acre facility near Richland-Chambers Lake was completed in 2013, and consists of a series of sedimentation ponds and wetland cells that naturally filter water diverted from the Trinity River. In 2018, the project was recognized as a Conservation Wrangler Program.

TRWD is already working on another wetlands facility at nearby Cedar Creek Lake, which will provide an additional 28 billion gallons to the district’s supply when needed. Once both are fully operational, together they will provide TRWD with enough water supply to serve an additional one million people.

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Wetlands Location

1670 FM 488
Streetman, TX 75859

Wetlands Hours

Texas Parks and Wildlife is in charge of managing the Richland Creek WMA and determines when it is open to the public.

TPW Richland Creek WMA

Wetlands Contacts

Texas Parks and Wildlife at Richland Creek WMA:
(903) 389-7080
In Case of Emergency: