Education & Outreach

Sustainability comes in all sizes and so do our education programs.

The district works with homeowners, providing free sprinkler evaluations; school children and their teachers; and our beloved farmers and ranchers in the far corners of North Texas. Learn more or get involved today.

Upcoming Events

We host educational events throughout the year. See what’s happening near you.

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Watering Advice

Curious if you need to water this week? We have a map for that.


Curriculum & Education

Get educated while having fun. Contact us to book your next event with the educational stream trailer or our interactive watershed experience.


The TRWD Stream Trailer is a fun way to learn how to keep sediment and pollution out of our streams and reservoirs.

The trailer is available to support water‐related educational and outreach efforts in the Upper Trinity River watershed. A TEKS-aligned lesson plan and curriculum guide are available, covering topics such as watershed stewardship, stream processes and erosion, water supplies and conservation, and more. The trailers are suited for curriculum‐based education at schools and special events; teacher and professional workshops; summer camps; civic organizations, and others.

TRWD’s newest walk-through trailer is perfect for larger events, and is equipped with interactive Water Conservation education displays, a Watershed Enviroscape for stormwater, and a Rainfall Simulator.

This 30′ experience trailer is suited for event‐based education at schools, festivals, & special events; teacher and professional workshops; summer camps; civic organizations, and others.

Save Indoors and Outdoors

Our conservation programs provide water saving tips around your entire house.

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Protecting Waterways

Through our partnerships, Reverse Litter aims to decrease the amount of trash in our waterways.

Reverse LitterReverse Litter

A Community that Cares

Our volunteers are the heart of our cleanups. Join your community.


Enriching Communities

TRWD supports youth and adult education as a means to develop and support well‐informed stakeholders for ongoing environmental sustainability. The district delivers interactive learning experiences directly as well as through partnerships with local organizations.

An Educational Roadshow

Here’s one example of how TRWD takes its stream trailers on the road to educate students about our water resources. It’s a great way to provide young learners an interactive experience to teach them about watersheds, how we impact them, and about the actions we can take to protect them. We all live in a watershed and the things we do on land — good and bad — have an effect on our drinking water supplies. Being good stewards of our water resources helps ensure that we’ll have access to clean drinking water for years to come.

Educational Resources

Lucky Litter Coloring Book

A teaching resource provided by Reverse Litter

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Watershed Protection Plans

Get information about these stakeholder-driven strategies.

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Watershed Training

Learn more about becoming a trained watershed teacher with our help. Complete the contact form for more information.

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Household Hazardous Waste

Information and the pollution hotline provided by the City of Fort Worth.

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Read more about this cooperative initiative to achieve by the NCTCOG.

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Individuals and groups can take ownership in keeping the Trinity River Clean.

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Litter Free Lots

Looking to get involved as a business? Litter free lots is program provided by Reverse Litter that can help you give back.

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Interactive Watershed Map

Unsure which watershed you live in? Our interactive map can help you navigate and learn.

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TRWD Rainscapes

In partnership with Texas A&M AgriLife, TRWD has developed a Demonstration Landscape project that showcases techniques to create and maintain beautiful residential landscaping that conserves water and protects water quality. Located on the TRWD main campus in Fort Worth, the landscape is open for self-guided tours, or by appointment for small tours and demonstrations.

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TRWD’s Demonstration Landscapes are open to the public from 9am-5pm Monday through Friday. Get Directions.

Educational Partnerships

By partnering with other education‐based organizations, TRWD is able to provide a more comprehensive learning experience for students and adults alike. The Trinity River Project, conducted through a partnership between the Texas Wildlife Association Conservation Legacy Program and Imagination Fort Worth, delivers water‐related education to Fort Worth ISD students on the banks of the Trinity River. Texas A&M AgriLife provides a variety of water‐related information and local events through their Water Education Network and 4‐H/Youth Development programs.

Educational Partnerships - TRWD
Texas A&M AgriLife | TRWD

Partnership Spotlight

Texas A&M AgriLife

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension has a long history of agricultural education, and has been a significant partner in delivering science-based resources to agricultural producers throughout TRWD watersheds. As the demographics of agricultural producers change, continued education is an important part of a sustained watershed protection program. The benefits of investments into new farming methods to enhance soil health have been seen by farmers and ranchers in TRWD’s watersheds.

Watershed Program

The TRWD watershed program strives to educate and inform local stakeholders and the public about their watershed, potential threats, and steps that can be taken to help improve and protect water quality.

“The mission of TRWD’s Watershed Program is to protect water supplies through responsible watershed planning and stewardship. Whether the audience includes school children or adults, urban dwellers or farmers, education is a cornerstone of water quality protection and essential for successful watershed planning.”The program gives helpful information to students and educators as well as other stakeholders interested in learning about urban stormwater management, agricultural conservation practices and basic watershed concepts.

The program gives helpful information to students and educators as well as other stakeholders interested in learning about urban stormwater management, agricultural conservation practices and basic watershed concepts.

Agricultural Conservation Practices

TRWD encourages and supports responsible agriculture and good land stewardship by working closely with local Soil and Water Conservation Districts, state and federal entities, industries and nonprofit organizations.

Technical assistance, workshops, and demonstration projects help deliver information, resources, and new technology to agricultural producers throughout our watersheds.

Learn how we’re working with rural landowners and producers to better manage their land to improve water quality.

Trinity Trails - TRWD

Urban Stormwater Management

TRWD encourages and supports urban stormwater management through several avenues. The district works with the city of Fort Worth to implement a joint Stormwater Management Plan to address the problems caused by stormwater entering the Trinity River. Education about reducing stormwater runoff is key to protecting watersheds and water quality.


Water Quality ResourcesWater Quality Resources    Storm Water Management PlanStorm Water Management Plan
Best Management Practices Along the Trinity RiverBest Management Practices Along the Trinity River