Beneath the Surface

Welcome to Beneath the Surface, an oral history project of the Tarrant Regional Water District. This is an opportunity for us to speak with long-term employees and share their stories with you. It’s a chance to learn about the projects they were involved with and how they helped turn ideas into the infrastructure and/or programs that are making a difference in the lives of the millions of people we serve today.

By sharing the knowledge and wisdom these employees have gained over the decades, we hope to honor their perseverance and legacy. There was no roadmap for many of the projects they worked on. Having an idea is one thing. But, figuring out how to bring it to life takes a whole other level of effort. A combination of knowledge, expertise, teamwork, and a willingness to try something new or different.

Through their leadership, determination, and accomplishments, TRWD has emerged as a leader in the water industry. These men and women helped blaze a trail and set us on a course for success. And for that, we are grateful. So, let’s dive beneath the surface and listen to the stories they have to share…

Darrel Andrews

(June 1985 – present)

He started out as an oil and gas man. Hired to identify oil and gas wells on what’s now the bottom of Richland-Chambers Reservoir. His main job was to find the wells to make sure they were sufficiently plugged. Today, he’s the Director of the Environmental Services Division. A department that was non-existent when he started in 1985. Let’s hear his story.

David Marshall

(November 1988 – November 2023)

When it comes to finding his destiny, David didn’t take shortcuts. His journey out of college took him into the field of forestry, working as a mechanic, then as a water quality technician in New Mexico, where he got his first engineering degree. After moving to Texas, he started working for Alan Plummer Associates, before transitioning to TRWD in water quality. His job responsibilities only grew from there to the point where he was asked to build an engineering department. Let’s listen to his story…

Upcoming Interviews

  • Marty Leonard
  • Alan Thomas