Social Responsibility

As a socially responsible organization, our goal is to promote the district's mission while keeping the community at the heart of everything we do.

We believe in engaging and investing in the diverse communities we serve. Creating those connections allows us to share the importance of the work we do and build two-way relationships with those who depend on us for their water supply, flood protection, and recreational needs.

Water Supply Sustainability

Programs and events that focus on water conservation, environmental education, and the reduction/improvement of the overall environmental impact within the communities TRWD serves.

Community Sustainability

Programs and events that support TRWD’s commitment to enhancing the quality of life of the communities within our service area via fostering awareness of water supply, water quality, flood control, environmental education, recreational activities along the Trinity River, and STEM programming. Other community programs or events may be considered at the discretion of TRWD leadership.

Diverse Business Initiatives

Programs and events that support TRWD’s commitment to promoting full and equal opportunity for all businesses regardless of size, economic, social, or ethnic status.