Law Enforcement Division

Supporting TRWD and protecting the public.

The primary mission of the Law Enforcement Division is to protect the employees, infrastructure, and resources of the District and to support and promote safe recreational activities. The Law Enforcement Division is comprised of three areas of operation: Patrol, Security Operations, and Emergency Management.


Our patrol is responsible for patrolling properties and protecting employees, assets, and resources. These responsibilities include:

  • Underwater Investigations (Boat Accidents, Evidence Recovery)
  • Dive Recovery Operations (Victim, Vehicle)
  • Criminal Investigations (Theft, Vandalism, Trespassing, Poaching, Accident)
  • Bike Patrol (Public Safety and Event Security)
  • Water Patrol (Boating and Water Safety)
  • Search and Rescue (Stranded boaters, Injured Hikers)
  • Personnel Protection (Event Security, Workplace Safety)
  • Environmental Enforcement (Hazmat Spills, Septic Violations, Dumping)
  • Public Education (Boater Safety, Active Attacker)
  • Agency Training (Lethal /Non-Lethal Force, Policy, Dive, Watercraft Operation)
  • Agency Coordination

Protecting Communities

Officers are highly motivated individuals that receive advanced training in Emergency Water Craft Operation, Public Safety Diving/Under Water Investigations, Boat Accident Investigation, BWI Enforcement, Water Safety, Environmental Law, Personnel Protection and Active Attacker Response. Officers utilize boats, personal watercraft, mountain bikes, ATV’s, four wheel drive trucks, drones, night vision, thermal optics and a helicopter to patrol and investigate crime on District owned and or controlled properties.  Officers are required to take cases from patrol level though the criminal investigation stages to seek prosecution of crimes committed against the District across multiple jurisdictions.  Officers serve as liaisons with local law enforcement to coordinate investigations and emergency responses.

Water Safety is our Priority

Our TRWD Law Enforcement Officers are here to help the public when they boat on TRWD lakes. Boating safety is always in play. Be courteous. Stay alert. Wear your life jacket while underway. And make sure your boat is in good working condition with all the proper safety equipment.

Reaching Out

TRWD officers are routinely helping others in need and lending a hand when other agencies need it most. From wildfires to hurricanes, the District does not hesitate to assist when possible.

Sharing Expertise

We are committed to advancing the ability of our peers. TRWD’s Law Enforcement Division hosts a week-long Emergency Vessel Operations Course annually, where Law Enforcement Agencies throughout the region attend.

Emergency Management / Security Operations

The emergency management and security operations team is responsible for the coordinated and organized implementation of the Districts multiple Emergency Response Plans and maintaining a security posture that prevents, detects, analyses and prompts responses to incidents.

Ensuring Safety

Emergency and Security Operations includes:

  • Security Monitoring (Video, Intrusion Detection)
  • Access Control (ID’s and Badges, Contractor and Delivery Access)
  • Employee and Visitor Vetting (Background Investigations)
  • Telecommunications (Police and Utility Dispatch)
  • Emergency Response Coordination (Incident Management, Communication and Training)
  • Communication Center (Communication hub for all Law Enforcement, Security and Emergency Communications)



How do I report an incident?

If it’s an emergency dial 911. If it’s not an emergency you can reach the TRWD Communications Center at 817-720-4584 or on the TRWD Contact form.

How do I pay a citation?

Citations are typically filed in the Justice of the Peace Precinct of the alleged violation and noted on the citation.

How do I get my boat inspected for onboard toilet facilities?

Clean Water Inspections can be scheduled by contacting Cody Biggs at 817-237-8585, extension 4705.

How do I request a report?

You can request a report on our Open Records Request form.