Open Records Request

This form is for requests covered under the Public Information Act. For general information about the district, such as hours of operation, locations, events, etc., please use the General Contact Form. The District no longer accepts PIA requests via fax.

Request for Records
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  • Know what you are requesting.

    The Texas Public Information Act provides for the inspection or copying of existing government records. The Act does not require governmental bodies to answer questions, do research, or create records in response to a request.

  • Provide as much information as possible.

    Providing specific information such as the record type and/or a date range for records requested helps us locate the records you want.

  • Once you've written your request, re-read it.

    We respond to requests exactly as they are written, so take the time to review your request to ensure that you have clearly communicated exactly what you want. Doing this may reduce the need for us to seek clarification, thereby reducing the time needed to respond to your request.

  • For more on the Public Information Act, click here.

The Public Information Act (sections 552.261 – 552.275) allows governmental bodies to recover costs associated with providing access to or copies of public information. TRWD may charge fees which are calculated in accordance with the rules set forth by the attorney general.  If a request for information will result in charges of more than $40, TRWD must send a cost estimate to the requestor before doing any work on the request. If the estimated charges are more than $100, TRWD may require prepayment.

Costs established by the attorney general may be found at Cost of Copies of Public Information.