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Stream Channel Physics
Stream Trailer Lesson Plan
Stream Trailer Lesson Plan - Spanish
Water Trailer Conservation
Water Trailer Conservation - Spanish
Water Trailer Curriculum Enviroscape
Water Trailer Curriculum Enviroscape - Spanish
Water Trailer Point Source vs NPS
Water Trailer Rainfall Simulator
Water Trailer Rainfall Simulator - Spanish

Water Education Trailer


  • What is the maximum about of people that can be taught with the stream trailer at a time?
    • 15-20
  • What is the best age group to be taught by the stream trailer?
    • Kindergarten through any professional level.
  • Can my child’s school/church group use the stream trailer?
    • Education Trailers must be reserved through the application process below.
  • Does booking the stream trailer also mean I am booking a facilitator to teach it?
    • No, if you want a TRWD facilitator to teach the stream trailer, you have to request it in advance. You will need to check for staff availability.
    • You can teach the Stream trailer yourself with the help of training aids provided in the share point folder. Education Trailer Facilitator Classes are hosted by the Watershed Program and are open to TRWD, city, and agency staff.
  • What if my event is off campus and I do not know how to pull the trailer?
    • TRWD Operations staff are equipped to train staff on District Procedures and Safety Protocol. Contact Ronny Cook, Fleet Manager, for staff availability.
    • You are responsible for the transportation and facilitation of the trailers for your events.
  • How do I learn how to use and teach the stream trailer?
    • Curriculum is provided in share point folder.
    • Education Trailer Facilitator Classes are hosted by the Watershed Program and are open to TRWD, city, and agency staff as well as the public.
  • How far in advance should I book the stream trailer?
    • Minimum one month before the event. Busiest months are April, May, and October.
    • Some events are booked a year in advance.
  • What are some lessons the stream trailer can teach?
    • Courses are unlimited, but some examples: what are watersheds, river shapes, components and processes of a river system, landscape level BMPs.
  • What is the difference between the Stream Trailer (ST) and the Reservoir Trailer (RT)?
    • The Reservoir Trailer (RT) includes a metal reservoir at the top of the trailer, whereas the stream trailer has 2 pipes pumping water directly into the stream. Photos in SharePoint (coming soon).
  • Can I pull the trailer with my personal truck?
    • The Stream Trailers have the district’s tax exempt license plates, and must be towed with a tax exempt vehicle.
  • Can my event be canceled by weather?
    • Yes, these education trailers require appropriate and safe weather conditions for traveling and teaching, as well as the student learning experience
Water Education Trailer Application


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These stakeholder-driven strategies address local water quality issues, such as pollutant sources, practices that address these sources, and coordinating an approach to carry out water quality protection and restoration efforts.