TRWD’s Application for use of our

Educational Trailers

TRWD teaches healthy watershed stewardship and water conservation practices within the Upper Trinity River Basin. Within our four watersheds, we are able to teach healthy watershed management practices with our Education Trailers and classes to our stakeholders.

Education and Outreach Requests are to see if your event and dates are available, on a first-come, first-serve basis as availability and resources allow. Thank you for your interest in our educational trailers and other events!

Water Education Trailer Application

Contact Information

Is the requester name and contact info the same as the on-site coordinator who will be there when we arrive? *

Event Information

Address of Event
Address of Event
i.e. Info about the event, age ranges of attendees, and any topics we should be sure in include that are relevant.
Groups should be ideally less than 20 total individuals
Does this Event go on for longer than one day? *
Event start *
Event end *
Time for Set-up
Time for Close-down
Is there level parking at the site large enough for the requested trailer? *
What are you requesting? *
Is there a potable water source at my site? *
A spigot within 25' of the stream trailer's location is required to fill it with water on-site.
If I'm picking up the Stream Trailer, I understand that I will have to sign and return a TRWD rental agreement before I can pick up the trailer with a vehicle that has Tax Exempt plates. *
I understand that this application is a REQUEST, and not a Reservation. It does not guarantee an Education Trailer or facilitator availability. *
TRWD does it's best to provide this free service to our constituents, and will do everything we can to be flexible and to find a watershed educational resources in your area.