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By April 27, 2022
EM Pipeline 2006

Secure and reliable water supplies. That’s pretty much the ultimate goal of a water supplier like the Tarrant Regional Water District. That’s why we built a pipeline that allows us to pump water from our East Texas Reservoirs to Eagle Mountain Lake. The project includes more than 18-miles of pipeline that runs from a Benbrook Lake pump station to Eagle Mountain.

The ability to move water from East Texas into the West Fork helps ease the pressure and increases the reliability of Eagle Mountain and Lake Bridgeport. These two lakes are located northwest of Fort Worth. They’re situated in a drier region of Texas that can be hit especially hard during severe droughts. So, the water district built the “Eagle Mountain Connection” to give the smaller reservoirs a boost when needed.

Supplementing water in Eagle Mountain means we can hold more water in the Lake Bridgeport, so it drops more slowly. And that gives Mother Nature more opportunity to refill it before it drops too much.

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Lake Current Level Conservation Level* Level Difference**
Arlington 549.91 550.00 -0.09
Benbrook 694.57 694.00 0.57
Bridgeport 820.63 836.00 -15.37
Cedar Creek 321.91 322.00 -0.09
Eagle Mountain 643.06 649.10 -6.04
Lake Worth 590.96 594.00 -3.04
Richland-Chambers 314.96 315.00 -0.04
*Conservation Level: The permitted level of water an entity is allowed to hold in a lake. Any amount above the conservation level is used for the temporary storage of flood waters and must be released downstream.
**Difference: Amount above or below conservation level.
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