District to hold 2023-24 Budget Workshop on July 17

By July 14, 2023

TRWD will hold its annual board budget workshop on Monday, July 17 at 3 p.m. The meeting will take place at the TRWD Administrative Building located at 800 E. Northside Drive in Fort Worth.

TRWD’s Board of Directors will hear from District staff about proposed 2023-24 budget items, as well as receive input from the public. TRWD’s three budgets include the General Fund, Revenue Fund and Special Projects/Contingency Fund.

“It is very important that we as an organization are transparent with the public during this budgeting process,” said Dan Buhman, TRWD’s General Manager. “This meeting provides the public insight on how and why we are spending their money.”

The proposed budget for the new fiscal year was posted on June 30th and is available for public review and input: 2024 Proposed TRWD Budget.

Members of the public can attend the budget workshop in-person or watch the live stream of the meeting at A video recording of the meeting will be available on the TRWD website, under Board videos:

The board will officially approve the 2023-24 budget at the September 19th Board of Directors meeting.


Lake Current Level Conservation Level* Level Difference**
Arlington 550.75 550.00 0.75
Benbrook 694.32 694.00 0.32
Bridgeport 821.58 836.00 -14.42
Cedar Creek 322.41 322.00 0.41
Eagle Mountain 645.18 649.10 -3.92
Lake Worth 591.29 594.00 -2.71
Richland-Chambers 315.34 315.00 0.34
*Conservation Level: The permitted level of water an entity is allowed to hold in a lake. Any amount above the conservation level is used for the temporary storage of flood waters and must be released downstream.
**Difference: Amount above or below conservation level.
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