Board to consider adopting a revised General Ordinance and Commercial Facilities Ordinance

By August 26, 2020
Trinity River | TRWD

The District’s General Ordinance regulates the water and land under District jurisdiction. It is used to protect District lands, properties, buildings, water quality, and to regulate the use of lands around TRWD reservoirs and the Fort Worth floodway and the reservoirs and floodway themselves for recreation and business purposes.

The District’s Commercial Facilities Ordinance provides minimum standards for the operation and maintenance of Commercial Facilities located on District land or waters to protect public use, access and safety and to maintain good water and environmental quality.

Changes to these ordinances are shown in the document that can be viewed here. Should the Board vote to adopt the revised ordinances, public notice will be given through legal notices published in newspapers in each county comprising part of the District’s service area.

Revisions have also been made to several guidelines used to evaluate residential improvements on District reservoirs, regulate recreational facilities, and permit mooring buoys on Eagle Mountain Lake. These changes are explained in the document which can be viewed here.

The public can submit comments regarding the proposed ordinances to TRWD by emailing or sending comments by mail to:

Tarrant Regional Water District

Attn: Ordinance Update

800 E. Northside Drive

Fort Worth,  Texas 76102

Lake Current Level Conservation Level* Level Difference**
Arlington 549.96 550.00 -0.04
Benbrook 695.08 694.00 1.08
Bridgeport 827.69 836.00 -8.31
Cedar Creek 321.96 322.00 -0.04
Eagle Mountain 646.40 649.10 -2.70
Lake Worth 591.27 594.00 -2.73
Richland-Chambers 313.13 315.00 -1.87
*Conservation Level: The permitted level of water an entity is allowed to hold in a lake. Any amount above the conservation level is used for the temporary storage of flood waters and must be released downstream.
**Difference: Amount above or below conservation level.
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