Adopt Don’t Drop – Help Keep the Trinity Litter-Free

By August 25, 2020


Did you know 80% of trash found in waterways traveled from land?

The TRWD Adopt-A-Drain program encourages people to keep the Trinity River litter-free by adopting a local storm drain. Trash that is left on the ground eventually blows into a storm drain and ultimately ends up floating in our beloved Trinity River. Keeping our storm drains clean helps ensure that litter never makes it to the river which thousands of people enjoy for recreation each year.

Each adoption comes with an 8” x 4” drain plaque with a custom message of your choice. Choose from thousands of local drains to adopt. Take the pledge to follow the motto, “Don’t Trash Your Trinity.”  Help us educate others to do the same.  Get started today by visiting the Adopt-A-Drain website.

Lake Current Level Conservation Level* Level Difference**
Arlington 549.96 550.00 -0.04
Benbrook 695.06 694.00 1.06
Bridgeport 827.69 836.00 -8.31
Cedar Creek 321.96 322.00 -0.04
Eagle Mountain 646.40 649.10 -2.70
Lake Worth 591.29 594.00 -2.71
Richland-Chambers 313.13 315.00 -1.87
*Conservation Level: The permitted level of water an entity is allowed to hold in a lake. Any amount above the conservation level is used for the temporary storage of flood waters and must be released downstream.
**Difference: Amount above or below conservation level.
For more information read our daily reports or the TRWD Lake Level Blog.

Check out the TRWD OneRain portal for a visualization of this information and more.

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