IPL Project

Connecting the Metroplex

To address future growth in North Texas, the Tarrant Regional Water District (TRWD) and the City of Dallas Water Utilities (DWU) have partnered to design, build, and operate a raw water infrastructure which will extend 150 miles from existing source Lake Palestine to Lake Benbrook. Through integrated planning, resource sharing, and innovative programs, the Integrated Pipeline Project (IPL) will save an estimated $500 million in capital expenses and potentially $1 billion in energy savings over the life of the project. The estimated construction completion date for the first phase is 2018.

Understanding the IPL

IPL Components


Length (miles)

Diameter (inches)

Construction Bid


15-1 15.6 108 2013 Q4 Navarro
12 2.2 84 2014 Q2 Ellis
13 11.0 108 2014 Q2 Ellis
15-2 12.9 108 2015 Q1 Ellis
14 14.9 108 2015 Q4 Ellis
10 2.4 84 Tarrant
11 10.0 84 Johnson/Tarrant
17 11.2 108 2016 Q2 Navarro/Henderson
18 0.2 108 Henderson
19-1 20.8 96 Henderson/Anderson
19-2 21.5 84 Henderson
16 12.3 102 Navarro
9 15.6 84 Tarrant
Booster Pump Station Peak Future Capacity (in mgd) Number of Pumps Construction Bid County
JB3 347 8 @ 5,000 hp each 2014 Q4 Ellis
JB2 347 7 @ 5,000 hp each Navarro
JB4 197 5 @ 4,500 hp each Ellis
Booster Reservoir Capacity (in MG) Construction Bid County
JB3R 80 (phase 1) 2014 Q1 Ellis
JB2R 80 (phase 1) Navarro
Lake Pump Station Peak Future Capacity (in mgd) Number of Pumps Construction Bid County
JCC1 277 7 @ 3,500 hp each Henderson
JRC1 250 6 @ 3,250 hp each Navarro
LP1 150 5 @ 4,000 hp each Anderson
Balancing Reservoir Capacity (MG) Construction Bid County
MBR 400 (phase 1) 2014 Q2 Ellis

Economic Impacts

Saving millions of dollars

The IPL will provide a quality, sustainable water supply to meet needs of growing population while saving ratepayers $500 million by combining the needs of the TRWD and the City of Dallas. It will also provide $1 billion in energy savings over the life of the project. This is a combined $1.5 billion that will not have to come from ratepayers.

The IPL will boost the local economy, bring utilities to rural areas and provide raw water to local water utilities. Additionally, residents and land owners along the IPL will recognize an increase in local employment, vitality at local businesses like restaurants, hotels and support service organizations. This increase will ebb and flow as the project moves through construction. Business along the IPL in many cases should see an uptick in their sales with additional work crews in the area. Most impacted will be the service sector and construction support businesses. The project will generate an average of more than $100 million every year in construction jobs.

IPL Contacts

Fair Opportunity Purchasing and Contracting
Community Outreach Coordinator:
Aubrey Hope

Fair Opportunity Purchasing and
Contracting Coordinator:
Lisa Alonzo

Mailing Address

IPL Program Management Office
Tarrant Regional Water District
804 East Northside Drive
Fort Worth, Texas 76102
Main: (817) 720-4469
Fax: (817) 720-4397