Eagle Mountain Watershed

Eagle Mountain Lake is located northwest of Fort Worth, and is a major water supply reservoir for Fort Worth and surrounding cities. The Eagle Mountain Lake watershed is 869 square miles in size and includes parts of Tarrant, Parker, Wise, Jack, Montague, and Clay Counties. This largely rural watershed is dominated by range and grassland as well as a growing suburban population.

Eagle Mountain Lake WPP

The goal of the Eagle Mountain Lake WPP is to slow algae growth in the lake by reducing phosphorus contributions to the lake by 30%. The WPP reflects input from many partners and stakeholders to address agricultural and urban sources throughout the watershed, and is based on scientific and economic studies presented in the WPP Modeling Report.

Eagle Mountain Watershed Map



Today, TRWD and others continue to assist local agencies, such as the Ellis‐Prairies and Navarro County Soil & Water Conservation Districts in helping agricultural producers implement conservation practices that will hold soil on fields and reduce storm water runoff.

The Eagle Mountain Lake Conservation Initiative is a partnership between the NRCS, Wise SWCD, Wise County WCID1, Wise County Commissioners Court, and TRWD to address agricultural sources of sediment and nutrients to the lake. The purpose of the initiative is to enhance technical assistance and conservation planning in the Eagle Mountain Lake Watershed and to encourage implementation of agricultural conservation systems to address water quality resource concerns. The partnership is committed to reducing levels of nutrient and sediment runoff throughout the watershed.
Partnerships are critical to protecting water quality and watersheds. Some of the partners in the Eagle Mountain Lake watershed are listed here.

Save Eagle Mountain Lake
Wise Soil & Water Conservation District
Wise County Water Control & Impr Dist #1
Wise County Commissioners Court
USDA‐Natural Resources Conservation Service
Texas Grazing Land Coalition
Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension


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