2018 Eagle Mountain Cleanup

By March 7, 2018
Eagle Mountain Lake Community Cleanup | TRWD


The Eagle Mountain Cleanup is less than a month away now, and we’re very excited to host our dedicated community members once again.


This year marks the 26th annual cleanup where you will be able to see how a wide range of people from different backgrounds come together to beautify the lake that many people call home. Whether you’re a boating enthusiast gearing up for the summer waves, an avid hiker who wants to maintain litter-free trails around the lake, or an individual who simply wants to play their part, this cleanup will be the best place to start in 2018.

After a long day’s work, be sure to kick back with us and enjoy the after-party at Twin Points Park where there will be food, games and plenty of entertainment.


Have a family, church group or organization itching to get involved? Head on over to to find all the information you need. Be sure to register before March 23rd to receive your free T-shirt.

Lake Current Level Conservation Level* Level Difference**
Arlington 549.72 550.00 -0.28
Benbrook 697.17 694.00 3.17
Bridgeport 826.96 836.00 -9.04
Cedar Creek 322.11 322.00 0.11
Eagle Mountain 649.23 649.10 0.13
Lake Worth 593.63 594.00 -0.37
Richland-Chambers 315.45 315.00 0.45
*Conservation Level: The permitted level of water an entity is allowed to hold in a lake. Any amount above the conservation level is used for the temporary storage of flood waters and must be released downstream.
**Difference: Amount above or below conservation level.
For more information read our daily reports or the TRWD Lake Level Blog.

Check out the TRWD OneRain portal for a visualization of this information and more.

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