Cedar Creek Watershed

Located in Henderson and Kaufman counties, Cedar Creek Lake is the eastern‐most lake in the TRWD system. It’s 1,007 square mile watershed extends across portions of Henderson, Kaufman, Van Zandt and Rockwall Counties. The majority of the watershed is agricultural, but urbanization is expanding in the upper reaches and in the Interstate 20 corridor. The concerted effort to develop WPPs for TRWD watersheds was initiated in 2003, with targeted federal support of research and educational personnel and activities beginning in 2009.

Cedar Creek Lake WPP

In an effort to address water quality issues caused by nutrients and sediment in the lake, local citizens, elected officials, and agency representatives came together to develop the foundation for a comprehensive, stakeholder‐based WPP. The plan combines the strategic use of structural best management practices and education and outreach programming for targeted audiences within the watershed. Information from these studies will be compiled into a WPP document in the coming months.


Cedar Creek Watershed Map



Utilizing complimentary computer models allowed watershed planners to analyze the source and degree of pollutants and to illustrate past, present and future reservoir conditions resulting from various management scenarios. Economic evaluations of proposed management solutions demonstrate the most efficient use of project funds to foster improvement in reservoir water quality.
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Partners and stakeholders are key to water quality and watershed protection. Below are some of the key stakeholders in guiding development of the planning studies and WPP.

City of Athens
City of Gunbarrel
City of Kaufman
City of Kemp
City of Mabank
City of Terrell
City of Tool
Henderson County
Kaufman County
Van Zandt County
Trinity‐Neches SWCD
Kaufman, Van Zandt, Rockwall SWCD
Residents, Businesses, Consultants
Landowners and Agricultural Producers


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