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What is a watershed?

A watershed is an area of land that water flows over on its way to streams, rivers, and reservoirs. What happens in our watersheds affects the quality of water downstream. Protecting our watersheds is an integral part of protecting water supplies and ensuring safe drinking water.

TRWD has actively supported responsible watershed management for almost 50 years, beginning with federal and local agencies in the Big Sandy Creek portion of the Eagle Mountain Lake watershed. More recently, TRWD worked diligently to gain state and federal recognition of the importance of watersheds in protecting drinking water supplies. Through this support and subsequent funding, the first in‐depth studies to identify watershed‐based stressors and solutions were conducted in TRWD watersheds. These studies were the precursor to TRWD’s existing Watershed Program.

Today, the program focuses on scientifically sound, stakeholder‐driven strategies to implement sustainable and economically feasible land management and educational initiatives that protect TRWD drinking water supplies and the Trinity River within the bounds of the Fort Worth Federal Floodway System.

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What is a WPP?

Watershed Protection Plans (WPPs) are stakeholder‐driven strategies to address local water quality issues. WPPs are coordinated frameworks for determining pollutant sources, identifying practices that address these sources, and a coordinating an approach to carry out water quality protection and restoration efforts. Plans developed or currently underway in Eagle Mountain, Cedar Creek and Richland‐Chambers Lakes will address growing water quality issues and protect these important regional drinking water supplies from further degradation.

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TRWD is continually working to enhance the quality of our rivers and lakes, both of which are sources of drinking water and popular water recreation destinations.

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The TRWD watershed program strives to educate and inform local stakeholders and the public about their watershed, potential threats, and steps that can be taken to help improve and protect water quality.

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TRWD promotes the appropriate stormwater quality infrastructure and BMP’s that captures and treats stormwater before discharge into the Trinity River.

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