Trinity River Monitoring Program

The Tarrant Regional Water District is continually working to enhance the quality of our rivers and lakes, both of which are sources of drinking water and popular water recreation destinations. As part of that effort, the District periodically monitors and publishes water quality information at ten locations along the Trinity River in Fort Worth.

The purpose of this monitoring is to assess the general condition of the river. It does not provide real-time water quality information. Water levels, velocity, and quality can change quickly, particularly during and after a rainfall so all persons are asked to use good judgment and discretion and be aware of changing conditions.

TRWD Cares About Your Well Being By Monitoring Its Water Sources For PollutantsThe Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has established criteria to assist water enthusiasts in determining whether “primary contact recreation activities”, such as swimming, are recommended or not. This standard applies to every river and lake in the state. Every river or water body experiences water quality changes, particularly after rainfall events.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality considers a body of water acceptable for swimming, tubing, or boating when the long-term average bacteria concentration is below 126 bacteria per 100 milliliters of water and when a single sample is below 399 bacteria per 100 milliliters of water. Just like every other river in the state, levels may sometimes exceed these standards especially during and after a rainfall.

This site is provided as information for the public to assist you in making responsible decisions. The District recommends that you review these results and swim, wade, tube or boat at your own discretion. To assist you in making responsible decisions, the District’s summer monitoring schedule of the most popular recreational sites along the Trinity meets or exceeds the highest frequency of testing in the state.

In addition, for your safety please drink responsibly, consider floatation devices, never enter the water head first and stay out of or near the river’s edge if you are not an experienced swimmer.

Urban Area Water Quality Sampling Stations

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