There is no better time than the right now to educate yourself on boater safety. Summer weather is upon us and the traffic flow of swimmers, fishers, and general lake-goers will be at its yearly peak. These factors make the observance of Boater Safety week that much more important to everyone who will be exercising their right to enjoy DFW’s river and lake systems for leisurely activities. Tarrant Regional Water District implores all of its followers to take a look at the boating laws of Texas as well as Boater Safety provided on TRWD’s social media sites.

Last year the National Safe Boating Campaign published some startling statistics that placed Texas as the state with the 2nd most boating deaths and 4th most boating accidents in the United States for the year. The trend of Texas boating accidents forces a duty upon Texas residents to observe Boater Safety week with more attention and dedication than in years past. For your own protection, the protection of your families, and the protection of the people around you, take the time to learn something new about Boating regulations this week. Take pride in keeping Texas safe while enjoying the lakes that make this state the prettiest and most fun!

Educating yourself or furthering your knowledge about Boater Safety is as simple as watching a short video. If you are searching for a video to watch, look no further than right here. We are working to provide information and stimulate conversation to promote a safe atmosphere on the lakes, rivers, and wherever your boat may take you this Summer!