Rainfall totals for the past weekend are shown in Graphic-1 below.   Currently Eagle Mountain, Cedar Creek, and Richland-Chambers are making low level discharges to safely return the reservoirs to conservation level.   The weather outlook for the work week is expected to be warm and dry, with the next rainfall chances showing up on Saturday.   Current conditions at TRWD reservoirs are shown below.   TRWD staff will be monitoring conditions 24 hours a day.   Please be advised that forecasts are subject to change and TRWD reservoir operations are based on observed rainfall conditions.  This will be the last post until another impactful rain event returns to the forecast.  Until then, check TRWD.com and the Daily Report for the latest information on the TRWD reservoirs.

Graphic-1.  Observed Rainfall

*Lake Worth is owned and operated by the City of Fort Worth.  See City of Fort Worth news feed for updates on Lake Worth.

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If prompted to leave a message, the flood monitor on duty will return your call within 30 minutes.