The Adopt-A-River Program Helps to Keep The Trinity River Clean and Beautiful

The Trinity River Adopt-A-River program is designed not only to help keep the river clean and healthy, but to educate the public on the dangers of nonpoint source pollution. Individuals, neighborhoods and organizations are encouraged to participate in the program by volunteering to adopt a section of the Trinity, thus becoming responsible for periodic river cleanups.

Participants are assigned a section of river and educated on the significance of nonpoint source pollution, which occurs when rainfall washes oil, litter, lawn fertilizers and clippings into our storm drains. These pollutants are then washed to the nearest body of water, usually a neighborhood creek, and then flow to Trinity River—not a water treatment facility. This program sets out to inform the public of the dangers of these pollutants and help make the connection between storm drains, neighborhood creeks and the Trinity River.
This program is a joint effort between the Tarrant Regional Water District and Streams and Valleys Inc., a non-profit organization focused on the protection and beautification of the Trinity River corridor.

TRWD and Streams & Valleys Help The Trinity River With The Adopt-A-River Program

Location: There are adoptable sections in both the Clear and West forks of the Trinity River. Individuals or groups will be matched to an area, preferably in their neighborhood, and TRWD will identify the drainage areas in that section and provide a neighborhood map.

Presentations: Presentations will be facilitated to groups joining the Adopt-A-River program and other community groups as requested.

Commitment: There are a minimum five persons to a river section and each group must commit to a minimum of two cleanups per year for two consecutive years. Groups must also participate in the annual Trinity River Trash Bash in September.

Prizes: To reinforce the connection between storm drains and the river, program sponsors will provide a prize to the group with the most trash collected the day after a rain storm.

To volunteer on your section of the river, click here or call (817) 335-2491.