Waterskiing & Wakeboarding

Wet your appetite for adrenaline.

Between wide-open lakes, a cable park and a specially permitted club, you have plenty of ways to get up on the water.

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Trinity Trails By The Numbers

Did you know TRWD manages more than 70 miles of Trinity Trails? Learn more about recreational opportunities like watersports at TRWD.com.

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The Metroplex Ski Club

The Metroplex Ski Club is a social and family-oriented club based in Fort Worth. The club has been active for over 20 years. They practice and hosts events on Marine Creek Lake and the Trinity River.

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Where Can I Waterski and Wakeboard?

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Waterskiing & Wakeboarding

Many of TRWD’s lakes a popular for waterskiing and wakeboarding. Marine Creek Lake and the Trinity River are home to the Metroplex Ski Club and a cable wake park is located in Fort Worth just off the Trinity River. The combination of all of theses amenities means wakeboarders and waterskiiers have numerous chances to get up on the water!