Lake Level Blog

  • Lake Level Update as of August 19, 2016, 6 pm

    Aug 19, 2016

    ​Heavy rain in the entire area has caused flash flooding and increased flows in tributaries and rivers.  TRWD Flood Monitoring Teams are monitoring the conditions and are on duty 24/7. The Flood Hotline will be activated soon and the voicemail box initiated as well, and Flood Teams on duty will respond to messages left on the voicemail.

    Blogs will be posted twice daily with updated information.

    Elevations at 1800

    Lake Bridgeport - 835.81

    Eagle Mountain Lake - 648.00

    Lake Worth - 593.56

    Cedar Creek Reservoir - 321.12

    Richland Chambers - 314.89

    Flood discharges are not currently planned. Eagle Mountain is discharging a low flow to Lake Worth, 117 cfs. This is for water supply to Lake Worth.

  • Bridgeport Lake Level Update June 17, 2016 11am

    Jun 17, 2016
    Lake Bridgeport

    The USGS lake level elevation readings have resumed normal operation as of 1pm on June 16.  Elevations displayed on the TRWD home page now reflect USGS readings.
  • Bridgeport Lake Level Update June 16, 2016 8am

    Jun 16, 2016
    Lake Bridgeport

    The USGS lake level elevation readings are experiencing technical problems.  As of 7am today the lake elevation was visually confirmed to be 836.4 ft-msl.

    Additional postings will be made periodically to this blog.
  • Lake Level Update June 15, 2016 - Posts Suspended

    Jun 14, 2016

    All TRWD and City of Fort Worth reservoirs are open.

    As of 6/15/16, recent rainfall has not made a significant impact on reservoir elevations or increased discharges at TRWD reservoirs. Lake level updates are suspended until further notice.

    Reservoir levels are continuously monitored. Check back for updates.

Lake Levels

Arlington 542.95 (-7.05)
Benbrook 690.88 (-3.12)
Bridgeport 836.52 (0.52)
Cedar Creek 320.36 (-1.64)
Eagle Mountain 649.39 (0.29)
Lake Worth 593.42 (-0.58)
Richland-Chambers 314.17 (-0.83)
*Provided by USGS. Read the Daily Report. TRWD Lake Level Blog.