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CSP 16-154 Cooling Phase Improvements Phase IIIA
IPL-RFP-16-082 Procurement Package 09 - Pumps, Motors and Drives for JCC1
IPL-RFSOQ-16-151 IPL Pipeline Project - Section 17 and 18 (PL1718)

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Please note:

The Tarrant Regional Water District (TRWD) will strive to ensure that all businesses, regardless of size, economic, social or ethnic status have an equal opportunity to participate in TRWD's procurement processes.

TRWD is committed to promoting full and equal opportunity for all businesses to supply the goods and services needed to support the mission and operations of TRWD, and seeks to encourage the use of certified historically underutilized businesses (diverse businesses) through the use of race, ethnic and gender neutral means.

It is the policy of TRWD to involve certified diverse businesses as feasible in TRWD's procurement of goods, equipment, services and construction projects while maintaining competition, competitive prices and quality of work standards. TRWD affirms the good faith efforts of firms who recognize and practice similar business standards.

You may contact The Tarrant Regional Water District’s purchasing office via email: to inquire about current bid opportunities.

TRWD Purchasing Staff Contact Information:
David Owen
Purchasing Manager
Phone: 817-720-4435

Billy Reed
Purchasing Supervisor
Phone: 817-720-4483

Sylvia A. Briones
MWBE Specialist
Phone: 817-335-2491 ext. 4440

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Tarrant Regional Water District
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P. O. Box 4508
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