Adopt-A-River: Removing litter from our river

Sep 17, 2015, 10:52 AM
Non-point source pollution is the leading cause of water pollution in the U.S., and it has many sources. Trash and debris are often channeled into the Trinity River, causing an unpleasant accrual of debris and unsafe conditions for aquatic life.

The Adopt-A-River program encourages individuals, neighborhoods and organizations to “adopt” a section of the Trinity River and cleanup an assigned area.

“People want to get involved and take care of the area where they work and play,” said Bianka Rodriguez, special events coordinator at the Tarrant Regional Water District. “This program gives them the opportunity to make a difference.”

Non-point source pollution is caused by rainfall moving over and through the ground. Water runoff picks up and carries natural and human-made pollutants, depositing them into the streams, lakes and rivers.

The program has adoptable river sections in the Clear Fork and West Fork of the river. Rodriguez said 18 sections are still available.

So how does the Adopt-A-River program work? There are just a few requirements:
  • A minimum of 5 people per section is required for each group.
  • Each group must commit to a minimum of two cleanups for two consecutive years.
  • Adopters are required to participate in the annual TRWD Trash Bash held every September.

“We have a combination of businesses, schools and volunteers in the program,” said Rodriguez. “We are constantly looking at ways to better the program for our volunteers as well.”

TRWD provides gloves and trash bags for each clean up. They also collect the bags after a group has cleaned their section. Each group is recognized for their efforts with a sign that identifies an adopted section with the group’s name.

“We do not own the Earth,” said Rodriguez. “We are caretakers and have a responsibility toward it. With the efforts of volunteers, it helps improve water quality and keeps our river beautiful.”

Available Sections

Upper West Fork

  • Camp Carter to Meandering Section 2
  • Camp Carter to Meandering Section 1
  • Meandering to Carswell Section 2
  • Meandering to Carswell Section 1
  • Carswell to Farmers Branch Section 1
  • State Highway 183 to Upper White Settle Bridge Section 2
  • Lower White Settlement Bridge to Barbara Section 1
  • Lower White Settlement Bridge to University Bridge Section 1
  • University to Confluence Section 2
  • University to Confluence Section 1

Lower West Fork

  • Lower Northside Drive Bridge to Interstate 35 Section 2
  • Interstate 35 to 4th Street Section 1
  • Lower Northside Drive Bridge to Interstate 35 Section 1
  • Interstate 35 to 4th Street Section 2
  • 4th Street to Riverside Drive Section 1

Clear Fork

  • Southwest Blvd to Bryant Irvin Section 2
  • FWWR to 7th Street Section 3

To learn more about the Adopt-A-River program or to adopt a section, click here.

Photo: The National Charity League - Fort Worth Chapter was busy cleaning their adopted section of the Trinity River this summer.

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